Finding the Right Writer

With thousands of freelancers out there, choosing the right writer for you can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to. The right freelance writer will treat your project as her own. She will charge reasonable rates, communicate freely and often, and will not stop until you are satisfied. Period.

I am fortunate to be a person who loves what she does. I have been writing for a living since 2006, and have found great success and fulfillment in my work. I believe that every piece of writing should perfectly achieve my client’s goals with economy and style, be it a press release, a four-hundred page memoir, or the back of a soup can. I pride myself on my research, and on asking the right questions to get the job done. I have formal writing training, but feel as though I’ve learned more from writing for the world than I ever did in school.

I approach each project with absolute focus. In this age of Facebook, Twitter and a million other distractions, I am proud to say that I don’t multitask. I will give your project my complete, undivided attention from start to finish, every time.

Freelance Writing Services:

Press Releases
Advertising Copy
Creative Fiction
Personal Essays
Articles (including journal articles)
Business Proposals
Brochures and Fliers
Domain Names

This is not a comprehensive list. I am happy to work on almost any writing project and always love learning new things. Please feel free to contact me with your projects or questions:

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